Listing Appraisals

AAS’s independent listing appraisals are a powerful tool for selling a property. When listing a home, a professional appraisal will help you choose a price that is viable for the current market and will also ensure that you have accurate figures for listing information such as home size, gross living area (GLA), etc.

An appraisal will also improve your negotiating power by giving you a deeper understanding of the market. Some viable properties that are outside the typical market area for your CMA (competitive market analysis) may not have been originally considered. The appraisal will identify additional comparable properties, detail why they were chosen, and explain how they substantiate the appraiser’s opinion of value.

In addition, including a copy of the appraisal report in your marketing material shows potential buyers and their realtors that a professional appraiser has reviewed the property and has provided an impartial value estimate for the home.